Red Barn Yoga

Your breath will deepen, your smile emerge, your soul blossom.

Our Story

“Farm” has always been playing in the background for me. Sometime around 2012, the imaginary barn on the imaginary farm was converted to an imaginary yoga studio. In 2014, my husband Rich and I took the big, gigantic, “Mother, may I?” step and we bought a little, out of practice farm in Lyme. It felt like home immediately, and the vision began to take shape. I saw a peaceful, healing place where people could come for yoga, and also to get their hands in the dirt; a place where the growth of the garden is a metaphor for inner awakening, blossoming of the authentic soul, and flourishing friendships.

Shortly after moving in, I asked my long time yoga teacher and friend, Kate Novack, to come to the farm to see it and give me ideas on creating a yoga space. Rich and I began renovations on the old barn, and I wondered where I would be able to connect with potential students. Within a year, we moved into high gear after an email from Kate, which told me that her main studio was closing, and could Rich and I be ready August 1st? We shouted, “YES!” and marked down another synchronistic moment on our exhilarating farm adventure.

So, it is our honor and joy, to welcome you to Red Barn Yoga. We are so glad you are here. Come over and play at the farm, and see what unexpected doors open for you.