Red Barn Yoga

Your breath will deepen, your smile emerge, your soul blossom.

Sometimes a sign of growth is a sense of disillusionment or restlessness. Other times, the synchronicity of life seems to be pointing toward a new path. Would you like to have a companion to talk to once a month about what touches you in your life journey?

Here's some feedback from one of my clients: 

" I love my Spiritual Direction meetings with Joan, I connect to inner peace and expansion that  continues after the session into my life.

 Joan is an astute listener and and tunes into the avenues I seek to explore.  This brings me to insights that are actively useful and helps me to gain perspective on concerns I struggle with in regular daily living and deeper spiritual issues and questions.I get insights and tools I can use daily for acceptance of life and growth."

Spiritual direction two chairs.png

Spiritual direction involves meeting with a director once a month for about an hour to reflect together on your journey and what touches or troubles you in your daily life or in your times of meditation or prayer. As a client, you are encouraged to notice your feelings  and invite your higher power into your experiences. Along the way, you will likely sense a deepening of your relationship with Spirit and your understanding of who you are. 

Do you feel a spark when you read this description? If so, contact Joan to set up a time for a  casual conversation about spiritual direction.  Bring your curious heart.